The Strong Themes And Views Of Heavy Metal Music

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The strong themes and views in heavy metal music, including but not limited to

environmental, religious and political views have over decades, created a community

and culture among listeners and musicians alike. Because of common ideas among

artists, some of which could be seen as transgressive, all creativity within the culture

is respected and praised no matter what sort of background it has come from. Visual

art is a huge part of heavy metal as there are so many different subgenres of the

music that a unique album cover or poster will help listeners instantly recognize a

band or even genre. Three modern heavy metal bands, Gojira, Mastodon and

Baroness will be explored to show how visual artists interpret this type of music in

their practices. Various other bands and subgenres will also be mentioned,

describing visual aspects of certain styles of heavy metal.

Heavy metal originated in the early 1970’s, with bands mainly coming from the UK

and USA, who emerged from rock, and rock and roll music from the previous two

decades, but also took influence from various types of blues and psychedelic rock

music. To this day there are still debates on which band was this first ever to be

known to play heavy metal. Fans from the UK will say Black Sabbath were the

original heavy metal band, emerging from the working class of Birmingham, whereas

USA fans favour Led Zeppelin coming from the hippie movement of the 60’s. No

matter who came first, heavy…
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