The Stroop Effect Experiment Essay

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The Stroop experiment can be traced back as far as the nineteen century around the time of some particular works of Cattell and Wundt. The experiment was first written about in 1929 in German. The experiment was name after John Ridley Stroop after he had written the article “Studies of interference in serial verbal reactions,” which was published in 1935.there have been over 700 replications of this experiment The experiment is a demonstration of reaction time of a task . The Stroop experiment employs two basic processes of cognition; attention (“the concentration of mental effort on sensory or mental events”) and automaticity (“a cognitive process that does not require conscious thought as a result of existing cognitive structures…show more content…
Finally, for the second trial, one only made two changes, the condition (incongruent words) and for the location of the word one chose the right of the screen. Lastly one did not select prime flash for any of his or her trials After this was done, one had to click on the spacebar to start the experiment. The word was shown on the screen and one had to click on the color of the word. This was done until the final word for both trials. The only differences between trial one and two are trial one had the word placed in the center of the and the colour of the words and the words were the same and in trial two, the words were to the right of the screen and the words were in different colours to the actually colours they portrayed. One had an accuracy rate of 1.00 on the first trial, which was with congruent words. On the second trial, one had accuracy rate of 0.88, which was with incongruent words placed at the right of the screen. The idea of a Stroop Effect may sound ridiculous to someone; however, based on its purpose it may not be. For instance, it is used in clinical studies as way of measuring selective attention, cognitive flexibility, and processing speed and cognitive control. Because of such an experiment, researchers have found that interference to a large extent in brain damage, mental disorder, ADHD (Attention Deficit / Hyperactive Disorder), etc. Another example to prove that the Stroop Effect is an effective way of

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