The Stroop Task ( 1935 ) Experiment

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Ever since we can remember, we are exposed to many things and information. They experience what’s around them. The one thing they had to do is assimilate and then accommodate the mentally and being able to categorize with the different objects. For example: the name word and the quantity. This took time and practice, they were able to name the number and not the word. In the next experiments, they will be able to recall the object because of the repetition. They remember the characteristics and the description when they are categorized. The Stroop task (1935) the word was created with color to see if the participants are going to be able to say it regardless of their fast or slow response time with the interference. Usually in the conflict they will slower than the no conflict. In the Stroop (1935) experiment he has proved that the effect is going to be one of the two slower or faster. In the non-conflict, some of the participants had to read two sets of words: set one with word written in their contradicting word so this has made it to be conflicting. Stroop (1935) came out to find that there are different association of words and the colors. Stroop (1935) wanted to see if they had any differences in the reaction time when the association was conducted. He noticed that the participants took longer read the conflicting word rather than the actual name word. The non-conflict was much easier and faster to do. In one of the articles from the Stroop (1935) Effect in the
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