The Stroop Task Test Essay

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1 Gareth Stack - Lab Group 2 Date of practical - 20/10/03 / Date of Submission - 07/11/03 Reaction times related to congruence in a Stroop test of undergraduate students 2 ABSTRACT The 'Stroop effect', a measure of interference in a reaction time task, was investigated. Twenty undergraduate students of mixed age and gender were each presented with 48 coloured words in turn. These were divided into 16 of each of 3 levels of congruence. The time required to identify the colour of each stimulus was recorded, and related to whether the word presented identified, contrasted with or contained an unrelated meaning to the font colour it was displayed in. This data was collected and compared in order to assess the median time taken to…show more content…
6 METHOD Design A repeated measures design was used. Each variable exhibited one of 3 levels of congruence. Congruent variables consisted of words which matched both in semantic meaning and font colour, Control variables had semantic meanings unrelated to their colour (for example the word "house" presented in blue), and incongruent variables had semantic meanings which contrasted with the colour in which they were displayed (for example the word "blue" displayed in the colour red). 16 variables of each type were presented to each of the 20 participants tested. Each level of congruence was randomly distributed throughout the test. Reaction times were measured for each participant for each stimulus, as related to the congruence of each stimulus responded to. Participants Twenty mixed gender undergraduate students from an introductory ‘Practicals, Methodology and Statistics’ course in Trinity Collage, participated as part of a laboratory practical. All participants were presented with the same stimuli, and each tested themselves and collated their own results. [Specific gender, age and nationality breakdowns are not available for this report, as trial data from a group other than this experimenters had to be used because errors were not removed from the original data.] Apparatus eMac Macintosh Personal computers running Mac OS9.2.2. Tests run on Superlab Pro 1.75 RT. Data analysed using SPSS.
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