The Structural Failure Of The Rana Plaza Collapse Essay

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Bangladesh is one of the world 's most densely populated countries, with its people crammed into a delta of rivers that empties into the Bay of Bengal (BBC, 2015). Poverty is widespread, where many people suffer from malnutrition, especially in the rural areas. The structural failure of the Rana Plaza collapse, an eight-story commercial building, occurred on 24 April 2013 in the Savar Upazila of Dhaka, Bangladesh. This resulted in 1,137 confirmed dead at Rana Plaza, and over a year later 200 are still missing (Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, 2015). The issue is an ethical issue which has affected many lives in Bangladesh and resulted in western civilisation demanding change. The ethical issue involves around a Bangladesh man Sohel Rana, and western clothing companies, specifically the company it manufactured for, Canadian fashion brand Joe Fresh (Forbes, 2013). The building, Rana Plaza, was owned by Sohel Rana, whom illegally extended the six-storey building, into a nine-storey factory complex.
Ethics are principles of behaviour that distinguish between right and wrong. Resnik (2011) defines ethics as” a method, procedure, or perspective for deciding how to act and for analysing complex problems and issues” (p.1). People face ethical decisions; however, People working in business frequently face ethical decisions. Business ethics is the evaluation of business activities and behaviour as right or wrong (Society for Business Ethics, 1991).
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