The Structural Family Therapy Model

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There are many reasons why families seek help for issues they cannot solve on their own. In the movie Jenny’s wedding the members in the family system could have learned better ways to handle the news that Jenny wanted to marry another woman. Structural family therapy looks at the organization of the family, such as the subsystems, boundaries, and the hierarchies between the system members. By using the structural family therapy model I will break down the problems that are presented and give a treatment plan that could help. There are many components that make up the structural family therapy model. Components in the classic model include role of the symptom in the family, subsystems, cross-generational coalitions, boundaries, hierarchy,…show more content…
Boundaries are rules for family members on physical and psychological distances and what is appropriate. These boundaries are organic and complex. Clear boundaries allow for emotional contact and having a sense of identity, and each culture has a different definition of what is too close or far away. Enmeshment and diffuse boundaries are fragile and do not have a clear difference of the members in the family. This causes mutuality which disturbs individual independence. Things to look for in the family include interruption, speaking for each other, assumptions, and protectiveness and over concern, wanting devotion even when it affects individual needs, and when there is an argument feeling threatened. Disengagement and ridged boundaries show autonomy is more important than the family emotional connection. This type of boundary generates emotional and physical loneliness, causing a hard time giving support and security. Things to look for in the family contain no reaction and limited consequences, ability to do what they want due to independence from family, a small number of demands for obligations and devotion for family, and while in the same area family members are doing activities separately. Parental hierarchy is important when looking at issues in child behavior that are reported by the family system. Effective hierarchy is a form of hierarchy that is the ideal method; it allows the parents to set restrictions and boundaries while preserving an
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