The Structural Family Therapy On The Family

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The identified problems in the family are the lack communication, rigid boundaries, and weak subsystems within the family. The structural family therapy focuses on the interactions with the family rather than focusing exclusively on the identified person or patient (Nichols, and Tafuri, 2013). In addition, through utilizing, the structuralism approach, the family will be able to think beyond symptomatic behaviors and see their choices and process relationships between group members and other systems (Vetere, 2003). The family will also be able to broaden their understanding of how each family member contributes to the problem or communication patterns within the family (Nicols et al., 2013). Furthermore, based on the research structionalism will encourage the family to problem solve in a safe therapeutic environment (Vetere, 2003). In therapy, the family will be able to express their feelings and thoughts without judgments or bias from the therapist.
Moreover, for this particular family, the objectives and treatment will focus on boundaries and subsystems. “Boundaries are useful guidance for the assessment of interactions among family members.” (Ryan, p. 133, 1997). When boundaries become clear the family is able to function healthier between subsystems. Another objective in treatment will be learning conflict resolution skills. Structural therapy will focus on encouraging the family to learn to respect one another’s opinions and thoughts. Families can learn the

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