The Structural Strain Theory Has Occurred

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When socially accepted goals cannot be reached through legitimate means, the structural strain theory has occurred. A mismatch that occurs between legitimate means and socially-promoted goals has a typology of responses in the strain theory. Merton’s typology extends the functionalist perspective. He believed that larger deviancy rates were because of social conditions and the varying responses. One of the responses to social strain that accepts legitimate means of pursuing socially-promoted goals is conformity. Another response to social strain is ritualism. People reject or give up the socially-approved goal, but continue pursuing other goals through the same legitimate means (MindEdge, 2015). My cultural goal is earning my degree. I…show more content…
I was proud to show off to all three of my daughters, that at any age, you can go back to school and do something you love. My first certificate was in Dental Assisting. I hated the job after I finished. I felt like I had wasted over a year of my life and money for something I did not like anymore. College is time consuming. You must make time out for your class study and homework time. I was always told if you work hard and get good grades in school that you will get into a good college. I was also told that getting good grades in college, will get you the degree you are seeking and you should be able to get a job anywhere you want. Even if you graduate summa cum laude, you might not be guaranteed a job. If you stay focused on what you want out of your own education and take advantage of any help offered, you may end up working in a field that you will stay in forever. The number one way to reach your college degree goal is by going to college for classes when they are scheduled. If you are not there, you cannot learn anything. I have mostly followed the institutionalized approach of achieving my goal and I have more of a conformist response. I followed my schedules down to the T. Making sure to do the best I could in each class. I tried to never miss a class or most assignments. I did become a little bit of a Ritualist when I hated my first certificate from college. I went down a different path than I had originally chosen. I
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