The Structure And Organisation Of The Retail Sector

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TASK 29.1
P1: Describe the structure and organisation of the retail sector. What is retail?
Retail is when business sells products and provide service to the customer to make a profit. An example of a retail business is TESCO. There are many different types of retail sectors in UK which have different organisation and structures. In order for business to operate they will need to find the appropriate location, products they will sell to customer in order to gain profit for the business.
These are different types of retail outlets:
1.) E-retailing:
Business like Amazon wants to make buying item from their business easier for customers. This is why Amazon offers E-retailing which gives customer option to go shopping online. The internet has had impact change on consumers shopping habit as shopping online has numerous advantages which is why online shopping continues to gain popularity. Some of the advantages of E-retailing is that it’s convenient as consumers are able to go shopping at home which could help them save cost on travelling and also gives consumers an option to compare prices of different products as there are wide range of products being sold online.
2.) Online and physical stores
This is when business like John Lewis gives customer option to buy item from their physical store and
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