The Structure And Working Of The Idea Of Cloud Computing

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ABSTRACT : This paper gives an overview at the structure and working of the idea of cloud computing. This paper consists of the basic idea of cloud computing, its various characteristics along with its components, architecture and also the different types of cloud computing. In this paper the various terms and various concepts related to cloud computing are explained. This paper concludes with the current research and projects that are being performed in cloud computing. keywords : 1.Introduction Cloud computing is a general term used to describe a new class of network based computing that takes place over the internet, using the internet for communication and transport provides hardware software and networking services to clients. It…show more content…
A number of characteristics define cloud data, applications services and infrastructure: a)Remotely hosted: Services or data are hosted on remote infrastructure. b)Ubiquitous: Services or data are available from anywhere. c)Commodified: The result is a utility computing model similar to traditional that of traditional utilities, like gas and electricity - you pay for what you would want. In many ways the cloud computing is simply a metaphor for the internet, the increasing movement to compute and data resources onto the web. But there’s a difference :cloud computing represents a new tipping point for the value of the network computing. It delivers higher efficiency, massive scalability and faster, easier software development. 2.Types of services on cloud The services that are provided by cloud computing are basically divided into 3 categories: i) Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) ii) Platform as a Service(PaaS) iii) Software as a Service(SaaS) i)Infrastructure as a Service : Infrastructure as a Service like Amazon Web services provides virtual server instances with unique IP addresses and blocks of storage on demand. Customers use the providers application program interface(API) to start, stop, access and configure their virtual servers and storage. In the enterprise, cloud computing allows a company to pay for only as much capacity as needed and bring as soon as more is required.
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