The Structure Of A Building

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Introduction In several aspects, the structure of a building is vulnerable to failure during the construction phase. Since buildings are made by humans, using their knowledge, failures are always probable to happen. These failures may be caused by a single error or a combination of errors. However, the probability of failure should be predicted and solved by an Engineer of Record during the design of this building. Any fail during the construction phase may not involve a construction error. It may be the product of an error made during design. As engineers, they are responsible to observe the construction as a complete unit, with all the elements interacting to resist the loads. Failing to consider a load or combination of loads, connection details and calculation errors are the main cause of accidents, according to Kenneth (1987). Besides loading, the engineer of record is also responsible for developing and supervising the construction sequence. Moreover, according to the code of ethics of ASCE (2010), all engineers need to recognize their responsibility with the general public, and make their judgments and decisions about structures, machines and products thinking in their client and target public with the view to avoid collapses during the construction. Research studies have concluded that the design aspect of projects has contributed to increase accidents in the construction. Studies also have proved that besides any calculation, responsible considerations in the
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