The Structure Of A Social Services Department

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Within the department of Social Services all the roles are in a hierarchy system. At the bottom of the system is where a service user would make first contact with the department. This is where the service user would be assessed to deem whether the potential user is eligible to receive help and to which department would offer the service user the most appropriate help, for instance whether they would benefit from being referred to the mental health team or another relevant department. It is important that the first assessment is carried out thoroughly in order for the service user to get the help they need if they are vulnerable and if there are any safeguarding issues. The structure of a social services department is organised in such a way that there are specialist teams available to deal with various issues that affect service users. If someone has a mental health problem they will be able to receive specialist help from the mental health team, who will liaise with other professionals within the mental health sector such as psychiatrists and community mental health nurses, so that the service user can access all the available resources available and receive a positive outcome to their experience. The children and family’s department will be able to offer specialist help in supporting parents and children to stay together or if needs be intervention and safeguarding. These social workers will have specialist knowledge of how to interact with children and their families to
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