The Structure Of An Organization

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INTRODUCTION: The structure of an organisation is built in order to achieve the distinct tasks by the labour and coordination between teams to provide goods and services. Organisational structure is selected in order to have a basic work and consistency according to the situation. The most foremost factors in an organisation are skilled labours, mutual understanding among the fellows and direct control to frame a good result. A good structured organisation results in quality production, which can be taken into peoples consider through marketing. When an organisation tracks in a solid structure, management plans and tasks can be easily constructed and executed. In this essay, I have been explained about the concept of Mintzberg five…show more content…
Direct supervision includes decision making, delivering task, observing and encouraging the employees. The major factors for managers in this structure is to complete the activities in time, contacts and agreement deal with higher officials and passing information to employees which makes more strengthen to the organisation.

THE MIDDLE LINE: As an organisation grows bigger it requires more than one manager to control the operators. Middle line managers add strategic apex managers into the operating core with proper authority. In broad, one set of managers directs the operators for the basic unit and another set of managers takes charge to convert it to the higher level unit. Hence, these units come under one manager to form an organisation. Middle line managers observe the performance of the same unit and they produce the feedback to the managers above them.

In technostructure, staff is analysing the operators who get affected by others works and serving those with planning and training with standardizations in the organisation. The analyst can be divided into three main parts. Firstly, a work - study analyst who regulates the work process; secondly is planning and control analyst who controls the accounts with production unit and finally, personnel analyst to standardize skills which occurs outside the organisation.
THE SUPPORT STAFF: Staff under this structure make up
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