The Structure Of An Organization

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(c) Analyse the structure of your organisation with reference to the structural dimensions of formalisation, complexity and centralisation. Do these structural features help or hinder the ability of your organisation and/ or department to achieve its objectives? Explain, referring to relevant examples in developing your answer (750 words).

The ACT Disability Service (ADS) Profile of 2010 to 2011, is provided to therefore support better structure management of the ADS. This structure of it profile is in relation to workforce planning and to provide a further resource to assist the community and parents of the clients to understand this diverse organisation. The ACT Disability Service Act 1994 in other ACT Public Sector, encompasses the ADS proper for instant the staff of the one directorate that report to the Head of Service, as do they staff employed under it. The ADS profile is the centralise structure which have includes those indicators related to number of employees, service length of stayed, age, separation rates, leave usage, time to hire, diversity and remuneration. ADS centralise, Knowledge of application practical and development, to assist in the advancement courses of study appropriate to a university and other tertiary courses. ADS is able to encourage itself to participate in the development and improvement of tertiary education whether on a full-time or part-time basis for their staffing and clients who are capable to learn to acquire knowledge that can bring…
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