The Structure Of An Organization Essay

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The structure of an organization, along with its policies and procedures, has a direct impact on how an organization operates and how well it will perform. The structure of an organization describes how a company is organized. This may include roles, responsibilities, authority chains and relationships. Facilities Management is headed by Vice President Kevin Freeman under the immediate direction of Assistant Vice President Mark Rodolf. The management team of Facilities Management includes the Assistant Vice President, the Physical Plant Director and Assistant Director, an Assistant Director of Facilities Operations, and the Director of Architectural and Engineering Services. The management group is solely responsible for deriving, articulating, communicating and implementing the vision and direction of Facilities Management. Three separate divisions comprise Facilities Management: Architectural and Engineering Services, the Physical Plant, and the business team. Figure 2 represents the Facilities Management organizational chart as of November 2016.
Architectural and Engineering Services is a sole entity that employs eight team members. The Physical Plant is made up of seven different shops: carpentry, electrical, landscaping/turf management, motor pool, paint, plumbing and recycling/setup. The business team includes material supply, campus mail, inventory and receiving, as well as the finance team.
The structure of Facilities is four levels deep. A…

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