The Structure Of Habits? Essay

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The Structure of Habits In order for us to arrive at a mutual understanding behind the significance of what we do in life, how we do it, or simply a matter of as to why we do something, we must first come to interpret the essence and basis of what that foundation constructs; a habit. Habits are in all of us, in one way or another we each possess a form or some forms of habits, those of which assemble our core personality and character. Whether they’re a positive reflection of our day to day lives, or a negative sum of our habitual lives, we rely on habits in accomplishing goals that are intended to benefit us for the better, as well as the opposite. However, intriguing as it may be, habits aren’t as simple as they appear. Therefore, in order to gain a broader perspective on this topic, we must first understand what a habit is prior to dissecting it. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2004), it defines a habit as “a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition” (p. 323). Although this gives us an overall general definition, we dig deeper in the prospects of unfolding a ‘habit’. As mentioned by Tafton (2012), in an attempt to discover the function behind the basal ganglia and it’s relation with habit formation, MIT researchers took to the laboratory an experiment involving rats whose task were to detect and sniff out the scent of a piece of chocolate—before eating it—when placed in a T-shaped maze. Likewise, the rat is positioned anterior to a partition,
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