The Structure Of Instagram Begs For You To Make Lasting

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The structure of Instagram begs for you to make lasting impressions of your values and display the heart and soul of your company. Using motivational or inspiring content is also encouraged to attract Instagram users. The majority of users on Instagram are teens and young adults, your next consumer base. While the older generations will stay loyal to Facebook, many of the younger generations are flocking to Instagram and staying there. Visual content is obviously gaining immense popularity and influence in the entire realm of social media. The majority of users of Pinterest are teens and young adults. The users of these visual forms of social media is the future community of consumers. Even with the versatile features, Facebook…show more content…
Tumblr appeals to all varieties of aspiring artists, as well as pop culture icons that generate cult followings (fandoms). Statistically, Tumblr is split almost evenly between male and female users, leaning marginally toward female. The majority of these users are between the ages of eighteen and thirty four. At its core, Tumblr is a blogging center. Each user can set up their own personal blog to post their original content including text, quotes, hyperlinks, photos, videos, audio files, or GIFs. Because of the wide range of posting abilities, Tumblr attracts several different types of aspiring atsits such as musicians, writers, designers, and painters. The users of Tumblr are able to “reblog” posts onto their pages and add their own additional comments. Tumblr posts can also include hashtags that other people can search for content using this hashtag. Generally, successful Tumblr users decided a specific focus to develop their blog around. Although Tumblr does have great potential for self-promotion of artists and bloggers, Tumblr’s greatest following are avid fans of pop culture. What distinguishes Tumblr from every other networking site out there, is that it was the first media site that allowed GIF posts (Graphic Interchange Format). These GIFs began as animations added to photos, and eventually allowed the customization of brief looping videos. These GIFs add color to posts are allow endless creativity.At their beginning, GIFs revolutionized Tumblr,

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