The Structure Of Social Service Delivery

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Introduction Our group found Jamaica to be an appealing Country, so in turn we decided to explore it through research. We will give an overview of the country and discuss some important characteristics, explore the structure of social service delivery, and discuss the vulnerable populations in the country. OVERVIEW OF THE COUNTRY History and Geographic According to Meditz and Hanratty (1987): the Spanish adventurer Juan de Esquivel settled the island in 1509, calling it Santiago, the name given it by Columbus. In the period of Spanish dominance from 1509 to 1655, the Spaniards exploited the island 's precious metals and eradicated the Arawaks, who succumbed to imported diseases and harsh slavery. An English naval force sent by Oliver Cromwell attacked the island in 1655, forcing the small group of Spanish defenders to capitulate in May of that year. Within 3 years, the English had occupied the island, whose population was only about 3,000, but it took them many years to bring the rebellious slaves under their control. Cromwell increased the island 's white population by sending indentured servants and prisoners captured in battles with the Irish and Scots, as well as some common criminals. This practice was continued under Charles II, and the white population was also augmented by immigrants from the North American mainland and other islands, as well as by the English buccaneers. But tropical diseases kept the number of whites well under 10,000 until about 1740. Although the
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