The Structure Of Society 's Expectations

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The structure of society’s expectations suppresses the outcasts from assimilation. Junior high and a passive household amplifies condemnation those who do not have any motive for success. By forcing society’s norms upon outcasts, pent-up frustration and radicalization shortly ensue. Edwin and Flake face neglect from adult figures in their lives whenever conflict occurs; their trust runs thin when an option for confiding in an adult becomes available. From sarcastic remarks and victims of instigated fights, these two teenage boys are labeled as delinquents without aspirations. The precedence of denial, bullying, and neglect play an instrumental role as minute nuances by paving the road to revenge and tragedy - every checkpoint inching to squeeze the trigger.
Unconventional appearances serve as a brightly coloured billboard open for grabbing the attention from peers in the form of snide remarks. Unfortunately, Edwin’s wardrobe consists of “clown pants” in the pants department; one could only assume that they are bold-coloured baggy slacks (3). Like a black sheep in the herd, the pants act as a repellent for socialization. No one has approaches Edwin, other than Flake, to have a conversation with him as a friend besides other social outcast, Herman. The atypical attire catches some glances, but it does not instigate harassment. However, superficially, kids who are lean with glasses and have a bizarre taste in fashion, are regarded as easy prey.
Success – an unpleasant word
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