The Structure Of The Church Of Sainte Foy

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The three structures chosen to be discussed come from many different but intertwined styles of architecture. All of theses being centered around religion shows how in the past religion played a major role even down to the building and what was inside them. These three structures are each beautiful in their own way but the differences in them are what makes them even more wonderful. From the Romanesque style of the Abby Church of Sainte-Foy, to the French Gothic style of Chartres Cathedral, and to the Renaissance style of Tempietto these building are immaculate. The Abby Church of Sainte-Foy in Conques, France was used as a stopping point for pilgrims traveling through the area. It was originally built in eleventh-century by monks fleeing the Saracens in Spain, but in the eleventh century it was torn down to make way for a new, bigger church. The building then begins a third phase that was finished in the mid twelfth-century making it the church still standing today. The Abby Church of Sainte-Foy is a Romanesque Church with barrel-vaulted arches through out the interior. It was built in a time when pilgrimages were becoming more and more popular and was an important church on the route to Northern Spain. It was also known as a pilgrimage church due to the fact that most churches along the pilgrimage route took similar shape. The main feature shared between these churches was the cruciform plan that took the symbolic shape of the cross but also helped control the crowds that

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