The Structure Of The Company's Expansion

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6.4 Growth Planning The company’s expansion consists of platforms in two objectives: (1) provide in-house services such as publishing, manufacturing, merchandising, tour promotion and recording; and (2) sell products in new geographical markets. Grow is based on expanding operations to territories outside the Twin Cities area; the number of finished products is increased as we enter new areas. Determining when to expand depends on the condition of the business and the economic conditions of the market, outlined below. Before growth is considered, operations must function firmly, and the needs of customers and clients must be met before, during and after transitions. Condition of the Business Objections When any of these factors are met, Devotion will open proposals for growth platforms. • Devotion is recognized by the community and/or a threat in the industry. • Devotion has a customer base that regularly buys our products and employs our services. • Devotions needs extra office, storage, floor, packaging and/or manufacturing space. • Devotion has sales that are rising with steady marketing campaigns. • Artist’s begin to form a following in major territories. • Devotion needs to hire new employees and divide operations in management departments with directors, managers and staff. • Devotion is netting further merchandise and/or manufacturing orders that need fulfillment. • Devotion is trafficking increasing songwriters, producers and talents alike. •
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