The Structure of Self-Interest

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This source was published in 1967 during the war with USA and Vietnam. The government of United States was acting on his own without, public support. This was the first war in the United States to be broadcasted in return the public could see the horrible aspects of the war. This Source pursuit’s self-interest and wishes for less government control, moving more to the right wing. These people are not only fighting or “helping” their own country but supporting liberal actions taking place in different countries. “STOP BOMBING” this sign I believe was meant to mean crimes against humanity, the USA used over 8 million tons of bombs, all over Vietnam this killed many innocent citizens and demonstrated many hectors of land. The United States was acting on its own accord and the public were outraged by this. The source applies that governments should think before they take action, with the option of their country.

Source 2
In the second source is a quote from former president of USA Dwight D. Eisenhower. In this quote Dwight D. Eisenhower, is talking about maintain liberal actions to your own country. It is the interference of involving your own country to others that sometimes breaks their nationally trust and yours. United States of proving to be the least democratic about this, Even though USA holds massive man power and the technology to wipe out any country, they…

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