The Structure of Tygerberg Hospital

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The structure of Tygerberg hospital is shown in this organogram;

The structure of the finance department of Tygerberg hospital is shown in this organogram;

The objectives for 2014-2015 for the department of health is to;
• Increase average male and female life expectancy at birth to 70 years.
• Progressively improve TB prevention and cure.
• Reduce maternal, infant and child mortality.
• Significantly reduce prevalence of non-communicable chronic diseases by 28 percent.
• Reduce injury, accidents and violence by 50 per cent from 2010 levels.
• Complete health system reforms.
• Deploy primary healthcare teams to provide care to families and communities.
Universal health care coverage: Everyone must have access to an equal standard of
• Care, regardless of their income.
• Fill posts with skilled, committed and competent individuals


Chapter 2: Literature study
(1) Background Study
Physiological factors in office layout
Office Layout refers to the design of the office in such a way that it maximises the space available in accordance with the office furniture and equipment. It is important to do it in such a way that will benefit the workers (such as not having to walk too far) and increase their working potential and morale.

Office Manuals
Office manuals can be defined as a written method of management control developed to make employees familiar with the

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