The Structure of the Hotel Industry

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What Are the Differences in Organizational Structures?

Organizational structure development is driven by an organization 's type.
According to Lamar University, organizational structure is, “the formal system of task and reporting relationships that controls, coordinates, and motivates employees so that they cooperate to achieve an organization 's goals.” Depending on the type of business or organization, the organizational structure will be developed differently. For example, if you were running a local police department, the organizational structure would be very different from the structure used to run a department store. The type of structure used in a organization has the potential to increase or prohibit productivity.
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Span of Control
The term "span of control" is used to describe the chain of authority in a hotel organizational structure. A hotel using a wide span of control requires every department to report to the general manager directly. Hotels using narrow spans of control delegate management authority to assistant managers, department heads and supervisors for day-to-day problems. A small hotel is likely to use a wide span of control because the general manager may be on site every day. National and international chains use narrow spans of control to address hotel issues immediately as owners or general managers are not able to cover each hotel.

Defining Department Responsibilities
The five departments that are listed in a hotel organizational structure are Rooms; Food and Beverage; Human Resources; Marketing; and Accounting. The Rooms department handles customer service including laundry, housekeeping and reservations. F&B is responsible for running room service, bar and restaurant operations. The Human Resources department is asked to handle employee recruitment, training and benefits, and Accounting oversees the hotel ledger. The Marketing department is given the responsibility of selling ad space in hotels and running promotions.

Organizational Flow Chart
The size of your hotel will determine the size and nature of your organizational flow chart. A small hotel with a handful of
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