The Struggle Between Racism And Discrimination In The United States

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Racism is an unfair treatment of people or use violence against them, because they are different race from you, and racism is exists everywhere. In the United States, the whites are discriminating the black American, and in the France, French are discriminating the English, and in the same way, China also has the unavoidable regional discrimination in the present which is a destruction of national unity. China has “One country, Two system” policy, which means that there is only one china, but special administrative regions such as Hong Kong and Macau can retain their own capitalist economics and political systems. There is no denying that “one country, two system” policy is correct, and has strong vitality, and promote the economy. However, it leads to the alienation of people. Back to the 19 century, Hong Kong was ceded to the United Kingdom, and was occupied for almost one hundred and fifty years. As the result of the Hong Kong was occupied by the United Kingdom for a long time, the Hong Kong people and the Chinese mainlander has different thoughts and views and it leads conflicts.…show more content…
On the one hand, it attracts tourism and consumption and promotes the economy. On the other hand, Hong Kong people have to face the problem of short supply and crowded population. Moreover, we could saw some Chinese mainlander tourist have low moral quality and bad behaviors while they was traveling in Hong Kong, which would intensify the conflict. In my opinion, people should raise their self-quality, and try to understand each other so that can assuage the
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