The Struggle For Balance Within Needs

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The Struggle for Balance within Needs
It seems I am rather pessimistic. I tend to contemplate too much, and I sense that I am regressing. The world, to me, seems to fall under the cracks. I have too much to remain wary of, alas. Alternatively, maybe I am at a point in my life where it is a larger struggle to maintain both feet at the same position, sitting at the same lounge where I wrote so comfortably for months. As I recently penned to a friend, I sincerely believe that biology is stealing my "opportunity," or perhaps I am stealing that opportunity away from myself. It truly seems to be that way! I am seeing such change at a pace, where runners are chasing whichever direction at a rate I believe I cannot "keep up with," at least for the time being.
It was a struggle to write in the truest sense, I underestimated the chance that such would occur. Yet, I realize that my choice had come with heavier consequences than I believed. I also chose to step in one world to focus on such world with great detail. It is often, reality dispels, that the best of both worlds is often not present. An unrealistic solution. Even when I try to climb through the haxy fog toward the sky in attempt to assemble "clearly," I still somehow struggle to keep the ideal of balance intact. I feel prepared to fall any minute, I feel prepared to realize that the world is truly changing. I am moving to a new location at a time where I did not believe I would have to move, I am seeing people heavily scoff…
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