The Struggle For Human Rights

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A great speech has the power to define the times, to inspire, and to motivate. Certain speeches from great people have made huge impacts, but “The Struggle for Human Rights” from Eleanor Roosevelt persuades the entire globe on humans’ rights, freedom, respect and peace. I read her text and saw a video on YouTube giving her speech even though it was long it gathered a lot my attention. It took me time to understand her speech after reading it three times. It’s good that someone like Eleanor Roosevelt existed and wanted to provide some peace to the world. I’m glad she touched many hearts in that time. War may still exist and can be caused but we should all take a glance to this speech and acknowledge what Eleanor was trying to do. She fought for social and civil rights, helped found the United Nations, and effectively ran the United Stated when her husband was ill. As shown above, all those awful situations led Eleanor Roosevelt to do such a speech as “The Struggle for Human Rights”. In this world there have been many speakers that had made changes with their words. Eleanor Roosevelt was a great speaker. Was the first lady of the United States, and ultimately she expanded the role of women in society. She was a role that satisfied her own need to be independent and active in public and political life. With World War II , Eleanor expanded her sphere of influence, doing what she could helping the European refugees, including Jews trying to escape from Nazi occupied Europe and
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