The Struggle For Life : The Story Of A Man Who Warded Off Cancer Twice

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Abdullaziz Ali

The Struggle for Life:
The Story Of A Man Who Warded Off Cancer Twice

The two cable cars are going to and fro, loading and unloading scores of tourists. In front of the control panel, two little boys are watching the buttons and lights in amazement. Today is a special day for Curt Carrigan, as his two grandsons are visiting him at his workplace.
An Ordinary Yet Special Man
Carrigan, 51, is an electrical engineer, working in a cable car station. His silver hair and visible wrinkles are signs of premature aging. “Life’s been tough on me,” says Carrigan, looking aside with a sad smile that rarely appears on his face. He is merry and jocose most of the time, and obviously well-loved by his colleagues. Everybody talks to him respectfully, even his superiors.
His cell phone rings often, surprising his audience with an unusual ringtone: Johann Strauss’s Radetzky March. Mr. Carrigan loves classical music, literature and the mountain. Interestingly, one of his hobbies is soccer, which he has given up in order to pursue his education.
However, behind his jolly appearance, there lies the hidden remembrance of a sad story with a happy ending. Curt Carrigan has been cancer-free for almost a year. After a four-year arduous fight with the disease, he triumphed over the tumors and now he has his life back.
The Battle Begins
Five years ago, Carrigan started having some strange symptoms: He was losing weight at an alarming pace, had gastrointestinal problems and felt tired
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