The Struggle Of Finding A Job

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The Struggle of Finding a Job
Job search is a harsh reality experienced by many college graduates nowadays. Numerous obstacles, including the tough job market, severely hinder the future success of a student who is truly determined. The transition from school to the labor market is extremely alarming to students that they usually end up satisfied with a tedious, low-paid, labor-intensive and physically demanding job (Bandura, Barbaranelli, Caprara, & Pastorelli 2001). Working a job that does not require a bachelor’s degree completely de-utilizes the education of students. The first and main problem students’ face is their lack of experience when applying to a job within their field of study. Internships are competitive and hard to acquire but still it is needed for experience. Practical experience is needed but cannot be achieved if no one is willing to hire the student. This ongoing cycle of “to get a job, you need experience and to get experience, you need a job” (Abel, J. R., & Deitz, R. 2014) brings by even bigger issues for the student.
Scholars who go through this process of job rejection and hopelessness often experience anxiety, insecurity and stress. Emotional distress is an issue that is on an even larger scale of the struggle of finding a job. Once a student is rejected, they lose confidence and dedication. They start doubting their sense of self and their capabilities. The uncertainty of our future can lead to more anxiety and strain…
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