The Struggle Of Gay Rights

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The struggle between Edward and Bella in the “Twilight Saga” can be closely related to the struggle of gay right’s in today’s society. During the whole entire saga Edward and Bella have to fight to keep their relationship with one another. This is similar to what the LGBT community has been doing for many years now. In the “Twilight Saga” some of the characters do not believe that Edward and Bella should be with one another because he is a vampire and she is a human. Similarly in today’s society some people do not believe that people of the same-sex should be in a relationship or marry one another. The biggest factor that plays into why people believe and think this way is because of the unknown factor of it all, they have it very…show more content…
The fact that they thought that this was a mental disorder was very wrong, and it also shows how close-minded people are. Just because one is different, or loves differently than another person, does not mean that they have a mental illness. If it did, we would be claiming that a lot of people have mental illnesses. More recently things that have happened for the LGBT community is that on April 1st of 1998, Coretta Scott King who was formally Martin Luther King Jr.’s wife, now a widow, stood up and called on the civil rights community to help her join the struggle for the LGBT community (“PBS”). She received lots of criticism for this because she was comparing civil rights to gay rights. The representatives of the black civil rights movement thought that this was wrong of her (“PBS”). The stance of the African American Community is hard to believe. One would assume that African Americans might be somewhat more accepting of others considering that they too have gone through the struggle and know what it feels like to be treated unfairly, but in this case that was not necessarily true.
Finally, in 2008 on May 18th, Massachusetts became the very first state to legalize gay marriage in the United States of America. The court finally was able to see that denying the LGBT community the right to marry was unconstitutional because it denied people their dignity as well as
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