The Struggle Of Human Ability

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Seven hundred years of continuous prosperity; since the end of the crusades humanity has been on the rise overcoming every adversity that pops up every melancholy attitude that brutally may try to force its self into existence, and every disillusioned malefactor that tries to usurp the world. During the events of Atlas Shrugged that attitude of perseverance is being suppressed. Ragnar states his fight is for the thing that has rarely been loved, human ability. Human ability is a Brobdingnagian part of the story; there are also many examples of human ability: Galt’s motor, Rearden metal, The Phoenix-Durango company, and many more, but it was never given a palpable definition so in order to understand why Ragnar believes that human ability is rarely loved there needs to be a definition. Human ability is the competent consciousness of uncompromising ideas and the perseverance of integrity to see those ideals through, it’s to accept the fact that there is no reason for a man to live with guilt or suffering, but only for themselves and their happiness as long as it doesn’t ask another man to compromise their own. Human ability is the fertilizer that allows the true beauty of man to bloom; human ability personifies the righteous glory of man. Anything and everything great has required human ability. With this definition in mind, we can now deconstruct the reasons to why human ability is rarely loved.
I think the essence of human ability is creation and forward motion, but its
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