The Struggle Of The American Republic Essay

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Black people had it rough when it comes to slavery. They faced hard times in every cribbage and corners. They still faced these struggles today in the modern world without no regards. At the beginning of the twentieth century Africans mostly lived in the southern states in America. These states were white-supremacy states, meaning it is fashioned and controlled by the white majority. Blacks were suppressed and oppressed in countless ways, they weren’t even allowed to vote due to the many challenges set forth by the white supremacy.
Race and the right to vote have been volatile issues since the creation of the American republic. The Founding Fathers betrayed a deep mistrust of permitting white men to vote who lacked education and had no stake in the society through possession of property and wealth. With all that going slaves could not vote. In the 1700’s a few black men in the Northeastern states of Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont did vote. The right to vote has held a central place in the black freedom struggle. With abolition of slavery, African Americans sought the ballot as a means to claim their first-class citizenship. When emancipated blacks pursued equality, they demanded the franchise on the same basis as that exercised by whites. Indeed, when Abraham Lincoln delivered his historic Gettysburg Address in 1863, universal white manhood suffrage existed in the North and the South. Democratic reforms over the
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