The Struggle Of The Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights Movement is one of the most influential events from all of America’s history. This fight started long before the ‘60s and has continued long after. All minority groups will face the struggle for rights at some time. This movement just happened to be for the African Americans in the 1960s. During this era, there were several leaders and events that experienced success in their endeavors to get rid of segregation and create equal opportunities for all.
One of the most famous leaders from this time period started out as the son of a Baptist preacher in Nebraska. However, this boy soon became fatherless after moving to Michigan. This boy, that grew up to play a significant role in the movement, was Malcolm Little or better known as Malcolm X. He experienced hardships and oppression starting at a young age because of the prejudiced and racist environment that existed at the time. On May 19, 1925, Malcolm Little was born in Omaha; however, even before he turned 4, his family moved several times due to death threats from the Black Legions, a group similar to the Ku Klux Klan. By the time Malcolm was 6 years old, the Little family had experienced their house burning down and their father die. While both were declared accidents, most believe it to be the works of the Black Legion.
After his eighth grade year, Malcolm decided to drop out of school. Soon after, he became involved in the crime life, wearing zoot suits and adopting the nickname “Detroit Red.” In 1946,…
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