The Struggle Of The Civil War

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During the nineteenth century was a crucial time for America as many era changing events occurred such as the civil war, death of our founding fathers among other events that really shaped America to what it is today. There were many dark times throughout this century as hope seemed to be lost and the thought of the north losing the civil war could not be fathom as today’s society would be drastically different. To this point in American history we have succeeded from England became independent and winning the revolutionary war, we have wrote our own declaration and became our own people. Also through this time we have fought amongst ourselves through the civil war as slavery played a dominating factor in the conflict between the north and south. Throughout all these dark times we have still risen together and fought for what was right and that history has had an everlasting impact on the nation we are today. During this period of heartache we did get through it and I believe that Fourth of July celebrations throughout this period of time were a driving force in giving people the hope and belief that we as a nation were on the verge of something great. July 4th 1776 will always live long in the memory as the day we finally gained independence from England and became truly free. In this Declaration that was signed from our four fathers it released us completely from the control of England. In source one painted by John Trumbull you can see the togetherness that signing such
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