The Struggle Of The Civil War

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After publishing Battle Cry of Freedom in 1988, Mcpherson decided to pursue a different path instead of everything about the Civil War he decided to reflect on the Civil War as seen through Drawn With The Sword published in 1996. Mcpherson decided to split Battle Cry Of Freedom into five different parts and each of those parts tying back to his five themes established in the preface of the book. Those themes being slavery being a polarizing issue that split the country and brought the war, evolution of a conflict from limited war for restoration of the old Union to a "total war" for a new birth of freedom, role of blacks in the war, political and military leadership, the enduring impact of the war on consciousness and institutions abroad as well as at home. Mcpherson managing to illustrate those themes expressed through 15 chapters divided in 5 chapters each section giving you an idea of the theme of the chapters to come. Slavery has been a major issue throughout the United States ever since introduced in 1619 and being highly encouraged once indentured servants were gone, the Columbian Exchange, and cash crops being on the rise in the South. Slavery being McPherson’s first theme in the preface, him expressing that theme throughout parts two, four, and one. Part one titled, “Origins of The Civil War” as seen in through exceptionalism in which the South possessed a separate and unique identity different from the rest of America. As William H. Seward, undermined,
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