The Struggle Of The Civil War

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The Civil War was fought over states rights and slavery, and whether slavery should be expanded into the western states. The compromises of 1820 and 50 was made to maintain the amount of free and slave states in Congress. Though with Lincoln’s election the southern states seceded due to the south believing he would abolish slavery, though only 1% of the south’s population owned slaves, however, most of the south was consumed by sectionalism which caused all of them to simply believe that slavery was their way of life. Thus when Lincoln was elected the southern states seceded, with the exception of the border states. Though when the south found out about Fort Sumter and didn’t allow supplies to enter a fight broke out and the civil war…show more content…
Though after finding Hooker had acted without orders Lincoln fired him. Lee discovered Hooker was in pursuit through a spy, Harrison on June 28, 1863. Hooker was fired only 3 days before the battle took place. He was replaced with General Meade. Who moved North towards Pennsylvania, keeping his troops between Lee and the Union capital. The two troops met and fought just Northwest of the town of Gettysburg. This would be where the real bloodshed would take place, thankfully it wouldn’t be as bad as Antietam. June 30, 1863, the battle was starting to quickly take rise. It started with Brig. Gen. Buford slows the rebel advancement. Which allowed him to realize the importance of the high ground. Day 1, July 1, 1863, Reinforcements had arrived, it was the 1st and 11th corps. But with the Union reinforcements, the Confederates reinforcements had come as well, General 's, A.P. Hill and Richard Ewell arrived with multiple corps. The union was outnumbered 30,000 to 20,000. After the death General Reynolds, the Yankees fell back. They fell back to some hills just south of the town. The hills are now known as Cemetery Hill and Culp 's Hill. Which led to the second battle at the hills, that would take place day 2 of the battle. The date was now July 2, 1863. Just before dawn general, Meade arrived with reinforcements for the Union. They form a hook shade right along Culp’s hill. This allows Meade to travel quickly while giving the Rebels a long travel distance. The
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