The Struggle Of The Russian Civil War

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The Russian Civil War On October, 1917, the Bolshevik party overthrew the Russian government and arrested him. They take control over Russia. From there, things start to not go really well because of the Bolsheviks policies. A chaos starts to begin a lot of people weren’t happy. The economy was bad, there was a great inflation. Also, they were having a lot of enemies. All these people who hated them start to come together and they formed a group which called the Whites. From there, the civil war starts, the whites start to fight with the reds. The reds were a group who support the Bolsheviks. In the book of the Red victory, the author states, “Russia’s terrible civil war. Here, sons fight against fathers, and brothers kill brothers as…show more content…
The Bolsheviks have their supporters who were the red Army. (Figes 168). The red army was a volunteer force of proletarians from the Urban citadels of Bolshevik power in the central and the northern Russia (Figes 168). However, the Bolshevik party was having a lot of enemies, a lot of people were disliked them (Johndclare). One of the Bolshevik enemies was the social revolutionary (Johndclare). They became an enemy to the Bolsheviks after the election that they both entered (Johndclare). This election, held in 1917, the Bolsheviks and the social revolutionary, both entered that election (Johndclare). The Bolsheviks party won 175 seats only, while the social revolutionary won 375 seats (Johndclare). As a result, Lenin used the Red guards to close the assembly and they killed anyone who resists (Johndclare). The social revolutionary fought back by attacking the Bolshevik part and because of that the social revolutionary and the Bolsheviks part became an enemy (Johndclare). Another enemy that hated the Bolsheviks party was Laver Korniloin (Spartacus). He organized a volunteer army that was about 3000 men (Spartacus). Over a month’s later other groups joined these people and they called themselves the White army (Spartacus). Also, one of the groups that joined the white army was the cadets, they wanted to keep the war the against the central powers and because that didn’t happen, they turned against the Bolsheviks and they joined
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