The Struggle Of The Russian Civil War

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The Russian Civil War On October, 1917, the Bolshevik party overthrew the Russian government and arrested him. They take control over Russia. From there, things start to not go really well because of the Bolsheviks policies. A chaos starts to begin a lot of people weren’t happy. The economy was bad, there was a great inflation. Also, they were having a lot of enemies. All these people who hated them start to come together and they formed a group which called the Whites. From there, the civil war starts, the whites start to fight with the reds. The reds were a group who support the Bolsheviks. In the book of the Red victory, the author states, “Russia’s terrible civil war. Here, sons fight against fathers, and brothers kill brothers as they came to learn the full dimensions of the revolutionary course upon which they had embarked in 1917 (Lincoln 12).” The primary causes of the civil war were the following; Bolshevik’s enemies, The class differentiation, foreign intervention, the Czech legion, and the Bolshevik policies. In November, 1917, after overthrowing the government, the Russian council met and they start to hand over the power to the Bolshevik party (Spartacus). Vladimir Lenin was elected as the Charmian, who was leading the Bolsheviks party (Spartacus). In addition, Vladimir Lenin appointed other people, he appointed Leon Trotsky to handle the foreign affairs, Alexei Rykov to handle the internal affairs, Anatoli Lunacharsky to handle the education and Joseph…
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