The Struggle Of The World War II On The Film ' The Owl / Hollywood Vision '

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"In the OWl/Hollywood vision, the [Second World] War produced unity" (Koppes and Black). Examine the theme of unity in the wartime cinema of TWO of the following nations: Britain, the United States, Germany, the Soviet Union. Clayton R. Koppes asserts that “in the OWI/Hollywood vision, the [Second World] war produced unity”. While many focus on the immense rifts of the Second World War, it is clear that cinema of the period took a different approach due to the pressure for national unity. The film industry played a pivotal role in wartime propaganda, and as a result shaped hearts and minds for citizens both at home and for those fighting overseas. Despite the struggle of the period, wartime unity in cinema was nevertheless forged in the fiery crucible of war. After the outbreak of World War II on September 1st 1939, the American government put aside their differences of wealth and labour to focus a greater goal; the bringing together of people on both a national and international scale. Racial, gender and class divisions evaporated on the battlefield as well as on the assembly line; the war had brought together people on a level no one had expected. As Koppes states, such imagery of wartime “implicitly argues that war, however horrible, might be a tonic.” This trend however, was not solely American, the “peoples war” emphasised a united front all over the globe. Ultimately if America and its allies remained unified, they eliminate the atmosphere of total jeopardy. This
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