The Struggle Of Women 's Equality

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‘Still a way to go for women to achieve equality’ Summary Women have had significant changes in their lives from the past to present in terms of employment as they are more and more being moved away from the household, being able to work like regular men today. Proportion of women in the total workforce is increasing and consequently they compete successfully for higher income jobs such as chief executives. They even have been moving into jobs that in the past were only allocated to men. While these signs are encouraging, women are still paid less than men with a fewer rights and low protection in the workforce. The progression of gender equality still appears uneven, although many women have seized opportunities and are slowly evening up the workforce and deserving the equality they have struggled for ever since the beginning of the twentieth century. Women in executive positions, even in major corporations are exposed to the daily sexist and diminishing behavior from men, leaving women powerless and vulnerable in their attempts to earn their place in the future society. Even though many women in their adolescent years excel in their educational training, their achievements and general attainments are not rewarded properly as the levels of salary are not exactly the same as for men once the workforce is reached. By a sheer determination and eagerness to learn and improve, women are earning their place in the society pushing the boundaries and reinforcing their rights to be
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