The Struggle With Drugs And Depression

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X was a bright, energetic and vibrant person, who had big dreams for his future and was loved by everyone alike. After years of hard work he got into law school and was finally living his dream for last one year. He was also my best friend. When I came back home for my winter break that year, I was met with sad and anxious faces rather then the big smiles and hugs. Blankly, I looked at my father’s face when he broke the shocking news that X had passed away from a drug overdose. I had witnessed his struggle with drugs and depression, which he had fought long and hard for years. During the last conversation I had with him, he expressed how every day of his life had become a big battle, but until the very end he wanted to get better and be a successful lawyer. His struggle and his strength even in the darkest movements, made me realize the importance of mental health in person’s life. Further, it made me aware of the widespread drug problem prevalent in my home state of Punjab which compelled me to start volunteering in the De-addiction and Rehabilitation center in my medical school. Working there helped me become a part of the struggle of so many young people fighting the same fight against drugs. This experience had a huge impact on how I saw medicine in the future, putting mental health at the front and center for me.

I was drawn to psychiatry early on in medical school but it was during my fourth year rotation in the Inpatient Psychiatry three years later that reinforced

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