The Struggle between Hercules and Hera Essay

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During the time of hercule’s birth, Zeus it clear that a child of Perseus, would rule Mycenae.
Hera, because she was jealous, persuaded the goddess of childbirth, to hold back Alcmena's delivery, and made it that Eurystheus, also a descendant of Perseus, is going to be arrived already seven months old.
Heracles lost the throne of Mycenae because of this. Heracles was eight months old when, Hera, wanting him to die, sent two serpents to him. But with his strength he killed them with his bare hands (Hercules 1)
Hercules's family is from Argos, since his mother was Alcmene, daughter of the Mycenaean king Electryon. Alcmene married her cousin Amphitryon whose father Alcedes was a son of Perseus and Andromeda. (Meet Hercules)
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He went to Apollo for advice in desperate measures. He was told to serve to his cousin "Eurystheus, the king of Mycenae, Tiryns, and Argos." (Hercules -- Ancient History Encyclopedia.) Hera bossed Eurystheus to set the hero to perform killer tasks know as the "The Famous Twelve Labours of Hercules." (Hercules -- Ancient History Encyclopedia.)

To kill the Nemean Lion. A lion immune to weapons was destroying the region of Nemea, so Hercules choked the lion and wore it’s fur.
To kill the Lernaian Hydra. Hera sent a monster who breathed fire, has a lion’s head and body covered in snakes who resided near Lerna, to Hercules to scare him. Hercules went to battle with the monster while a crab injured his foot plus every time he got a snake head, two more grew exactly where the other one came off. His trusty nephew Lolaos burnt the places where the heads grew. Hercules defeated he Hydra and in victory, “dipped his arrows in its poisonous blood.”
To capture the Keryneian Hind. The hind got it’s name from Mount Kerynea. Hercules had to capture this slick animal and show Eurystheus it was still breathing. He was successful after a 12 month tiring chase of the animal.
To capture the Erymanthian Boar. Mount Erymanthos was tormented by an extremely horrifying boar. Hercules had to capture it then take it to Mycenae. After a long time of chasing the animal, Hercules tired his prey, caught it, binded the animal’s feet, and took it to

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