The Struggle for Nuclear Power

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Nuke’em The struggle for nuclear power has been a problem since the dawn of the nuclear age. Governments continue to use the threat of a nuclear attack as a deterrent. However, small terrorist groups may not feel threatened by a nuclear attack due to their mobility. Thus, the question remains; are nuclear weapons a necessary safety, or a danger. The solution is therefore to observe the pros and cons of nuclear capabilities, and to look at some precautions that can be taken to help protect people. The benefits of having nuclear weapons may not be quite as obvious as some of the downfalls of having such capabilities. The entire purpose of nuclear weapons is to act as a deterrent--the countries possess these weapons but hope to never…show more content…
As long as the plug and the cylinder and the plug are separated, nothing happens. Both parts quietly emit a small amount of radiation, however, neither of the two pieces has enough mass to cause a serious reaction. Some Uranium atoms are reacting and producing radiation, but there are not any other atoms that are close enough for a chain reaction to start. However, when the two pieces are brought together, a violent reaction occurs. This happens because there is such a high density of Uranium that when one atom reacts it causes another atom to react and this sets off a chain reaction (Dr. Donald Nye). In a nuclear generator rods of Uranium, that are producing radiation, are inserted into giant tanks of water, the reaction occurring by the proximity of the Uranium atoms causes the rods to generate heat, this in turn heats the water producing steam. The steam is the used to push a turban, or something else to create work, which in turn gives us energy. There are also certain safety measures put in place in case of an emergency to help keep the Uranium from reaching critical mass. The fact that the rods are in water is mainly what keeps the explosion from happening and not as much Uranium is used. If there is an emergency lead panels will drop between the rods preventing the reaction from continuing to occur and cold water is pumped into the tanks
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