The Struggle of Life and War in Ernest Hemingway’s Writing

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Ernest Hemingway was one of the greatest authors of the twentieth century. His simple style, lucid depictions, and relatable narratives propelled him into a world of literary fame. These unique attributes are inimitable; Hemingway relates to the reader on a deeper level that even the best imitators cannot achieve. For this and many other reasons, critics praise Hemingway for the indefinable work of an exceptional writer. One of his most well-known novels, A Farewell to Arms, is notorious for its depth into the reality and adversity of war. Hemingway’s personal experiences during World War I are evident in this renowned novel. He uses these tragic familiarities to penetrate the reader’s mind with the grievous effects of war and loss.…show more content…
Another great manifestation of this unique writing style is Hemingway’s last novel, The Old Man and the Sea, published in 1952. In this story, Hemingway uses his declarative style to portray deeper meaning through the characters and their actions. The use of plain words, simple sentences, and frequent repetition is a style that makes Hemingway such an accomplished writer (Markley 171). “[Hemingway’s] powers of description are not diminished by his taking care to choose such simple language” (Markley 171). Although many commend Hemingway for his last novel, some critics see this work as less than great; “The thing that chiefly keeps The Old Man and the Sea from greatness is the sense one has that the author was imitating instead of creating the style that made him famous” (Stallman 272). However, Malcolm Cowley describes Hemingway’s prose “at its best gives a sense of depth and of moving forward on different levels that is lacking in even the best of his imitators” (271). Ultimately, Hemingway’s distinctive and original style fashions clear and meticulous novels.
Later in life, after beginning his writing career, Hemingway’s interest in military activities and the influence of his veteran grandfathers led him to enlist for duty as an ambulance driver for the Italian Red Cross in the
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