The Struggle of the Educational System Essay

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The Struggle of the Educational System

It seems as if the American government has struggled to evaluate the current educational system in order to determine if significant social issues, including increasing regional poverty, and declining literacy rates in specific urban regions are related to economic differentiations in the education system. There needs to be more emphasis placed on determining a system that provides greater equity between disadvantaged inner-city schools and wealthier suburban, middle class schools. The gap between the nation’s best and worst public schools continues to grow. Our country is based on freedom and equality for all, yet in practice and in the spectrum of education this is rarely the case. Many obvious
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This guarantees that every child receives an education, but it is not an "equal" education” (Kozol, 238). State officials determine the sufficient funds, but due to the dynamics of politics they are shaped by what the richer districts determine to be enough. So, in turn, what they are doing is placing the education of the inner-city students in the hands of the supporters of the suburban schools. If the officials are to allocate more money to the poorer districts, then they will be the ones that are affected by additional tax levies on their higher incomes and property values. “What is at stake is the future of a heterogeneous America, a place where there is equal opportunity for everyone, not just for those who can afford to pay for a good education and the chance to have a more prosperous life” (Kozol 237). It seems as if “Those who do not want their children to be handicapped by the learning problems of others who have suffered generations of oppression, ignorance, and neglect simply abandon the city schools that these students were being integrated into and fled to richer suburban schools” (Kozol 238). Today, Blacks, Hispanics, and poorer children dominate 23 of the nations 25 largest urban school systems. This has raised a permanent fissure in our public schools and has separated them into two separate and unequal class
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