The Struggle with the Glass Ceiling Essay

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Are all men and women really created equal? Most people would say yes, but if that is the case, why are women prejudiced in the workplace and society? Surprisingly, even in our time period, women struggle to advance to high-skill level positions. Men dominate the vast majority of these positions. Men also, in general, lead their households by making the most income for their families and make the most financial decisions. It is clear that we still live in a patriarchal society. Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart show us that the effects of the gender gap are still evident in current times and women are burdened by the glass ceiling. Women struggle to achieve high level positions. A glass ceiling exists…show more content…
These examples show substantial evidence of the presence of a glass ceiling. In society, prejudice against women limits them in many aspects. In the workplace, “men are promoted more quickly than women with equivalent qualifications” (Quast). This shows a clear advantage for men in the workplace. Women’s inability to be promoted quickly is an unfortunate barrier that they have to face. In A Doll’s House, in the majority of households, men make the sole household income, even though women can work if they like. Nora is one of the few women who have some work, “It was splendid to work in that way and earn money. I almost felt as if I was a man” (Ibsen 152). She literally states that she associates working to being a man. Her statement also shows that she is well aware of the fact that men work more than women. She works for her own reasons however, Nora often asks Torvald for money so she can buy herself clothes or other desires. Although she worked herself, unbeknownst to Torvald, she only did in order to pay off her debts which in the end were paid off. In modern times, it isn’t unusual for women to stay home and take care of her kids while her husband makes the sole family income. This is because this is the norm for our society, and also because she would make less money if she were the sole provider. Currently, we still live in a patriarchal society. Things Fall Apart and A Doll’s House show that is has
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