The Struggles Faced in the Color Purple and the Joy Luck Club

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The Struggles Faced in The Color Purple and The Joy Luck Club A common bond of struggle links the novels The Color Purple by Alice Walker and The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. Rape, suicide, death, war, oppression, and racism invade the two novels. In The Color Purple, Celie overcomes racism, violence, and other issues to find dignity and love. In the Joy Luck Club, the daughters struggle for acceptance, love, and happiness. Though the characters endure many hardships they survive not only by not becoming bitter individuals but becoming more whole individuals. Celie in The Color Purple has struggled since the very beginning because of the poor treatment she has received by men. Being raped by her father Fonso, Celie becomes pregnant and…show more content…
Shug explains that God is not directly in a institutionalized church but, …inside you and everyone else. You come into the world with God. But only them that search for it inside find it (Hall, 6). Celie though must claim and accept her inheritance and bondage. Celie tries to escape the oppression caused by the treatment by men and the way she was treated by her father and husband. Harpo came to Celie asking her advice about what to do with his unruly wife. She suggests to him to beat his wife. When confronted by Sofia, Harpo's husband, Celie admits she did wrong and tells Sofia that she was jealous because she was brave enough to fight back. Sofia tells Celie not to advise Harpo to beat her anymore. The women then talk about abuse, and Celie confesses that she has never hit a living thing. Sofia asks her what she does when she gets mad. Celie says she cannot remember the last time she got angry, for the Bible has taught her to honor her mother, father, and husband; therefore, she feels she cannot get angry with them. Celie reveals a breakthrough for she overcomes internalized oppression by recognizing the solidarity with another women. Like Celie, the characters in The Joy Luck Club are trapped by struggles. Each of the mothers tries to instill Chinese tradition and values. Each of the daughters, who want to be Americans, resists being Chinese. Suyuan's

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