The Struggles Of Nando And His Friends

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Throughout the time, Nando and his friends were stranded they learned many things. They were lost without shelter, food, or heat for a very long time. They learned how to live off the land and how to survive with the little they had.
This book explains how Nando and his friends survived the Andes in the cold and harsh winter. When they first arrived, they didn't know how tough their journey home would be. Seventy two days in the freezing cold, it would have been awful. They were very strong throughout their trek home.
They learned how to appreciate the life they had before, because now it has changed forever. They shouldn't have to know what this life is like, but now that they did go through this they are a lot stronger than before. Nando and his people began to know what real struggling is. Doing things they did not always want to do, was a must in their " new life."
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They would fear many things such as planes, the cold, or even eating certain things since they became cannibals during their time on the mountain. Those little fears all add up and very well influence their daily lives. This would be very hard for them to overcome, and would become more challenging as the days went on. The cannibalism cane soon, sooner than they thought people died, and then they were the only source of food left. It hurt them, they looked at the bodies every day, then turned around and ate them the next
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