The Struggles Women Faced During And After The Vietnam

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The Struggles Women Faced During and After the Vietnam War
During the Vietnam War, many challenges were faced by the Vietnamese people no matter what side they fought for. In Hayslip’s book and in the movie Regret to Inform, we are able to gain insight into some of the struggles the women faced during the war. The men went to war and left the women with nothing but a number of challenges. Problems arose because the women were being abused and tortured. To make matters worse, a lot of the women had to deal with more difficulties after the war was over. These are just a few of the struggles that women had to face during and after the Vietnam War.
One of these hardships was a result of the men getting drafted to go and fight in the war. This
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The women also experienced a more direct part of the war. The men could run and hide underground or in the homes of the villagers whenever the enemy approached. The women however could not run and had to stay at the house. This caused the women to experience countless gruesome encounters. Several of them saw their family get shot down by Americans or get tortured by the Viet Cong if they felt they were a spy. One woman shared her experience of watching her little cousin get killed because he ran outside of the bunker to get a drink of water. In Hayslip’s book, the reader learns a story about when one mother watches her son get shot down because he was working in the field and when she ran to save him she was also shot. She spent sometime in the hospital but she eventually had to return to her house where the only person left to take care of her was her 12 year old grandson. He did a good job of giving her the attention that she desired, but one day the boy took his younger cousin fishing because the little boy didn’t have a father to teach him this necessary skill. As they were walking back from the pond, they walked into an American ambush. The Americans thought they were Viet Cong and shot them on the spot. This meant that the elderly lady had now lost everything. These stories were a true testament to how horrifying it was to live in a country that was transformed into a battlefield.
The women were also viewed in the same way as men were in the eyes

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