The Struggles and Movement for Black America

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ESSAY PART ONE: THESIS I. Introduction paragraph A. Thesis Statement Over the centuries, the African people have endured many trials, obstacles, and tribulations. From the moment that they were kidnapped from their homeland, and had been savagely placed in the cargo holds on ships to be sold into slavery to the American people, the Africans (now known in the United States of America as African Americans or Black people) have journey far to achieve, as well as, accomplished what was thought to be the impossible. These things include but are not limited to, freedom, equality, independence, the right to vote, a fair education, a wider range of occupations to pursue, politics, but most of all, to live a better quality of life.…show more content…
Some to the ways that they could have been freed from slavery was to be born free…depending on the status of the mother would determine whether or not her offspring would be free. Some slaves were able to buy their own freedom, or they acquired freedom through manumission. C. So What? This was only a start for the beginning of a new life as a free person. As the centuries progressed, then came a time when slavery had been abolished in the northern state. But it was when the civil war was over, and when the emancipation proclamation became official that all of the hope and dreams of black people became true. PART THREE: COUNTER-THESIS V. Introduction paragraph A. Counter-Thesis Statement After the civil war, all of the slaves were freed; unfortunately, there were some stipulation behind their freedom. Black people were free, but not equal to the white race. They had very few rights and privileges. They could not vote, be elected, participate in juries, obtain an education, and more. Even with their new found freedom, they could not move about freely from one county to the next. Certain states required registration/pass along with a white guardian (who would corroborate the good behavior of free blacks). As time progress, blacks began to form organizations, schools, practices, communities, churches, and more in hope to redirect the ways of life (that most black were accustomed to) to achieve a better
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