The Struggles in 'Stones' Essay

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The Struggles in "Stones" Life is full of struggles and obstacles that all individuals are faced with and must overcome. Whether emotional or physical, experiences and encounters shape a person's personality and point of view on life. People who are put through more difficult situations can become either more grateful, thankful and want to achieve more out of life or they can eventually become depressed and discouraged about their situation in life. Either way, we must all try to overcome the hard events in life and focus on what makes us happy and satisfied. War has the power to destruct people's lives and inflict unnecessary harm on citizens. People become broken and discouraged when seeing their environment destroyed and people they…show more content…
With her husband's outrages and seclusion, she did her best by taken care of the situation with care and calmness, especially in front of her children. Surely, when alone, she would breakdown from the pressure, sadness and changes. A family that would once take walks together on Sundays now had to deal with the father's outrages and drinking problems. Ben, the narrator, was only eight years old at the time and even his young fragile mind noticed that his life would forever be different. Imagery of innocence is showcased with the description of Ben's favourite corner store and his favourite drink. Also, his memories "of the pre-war years" (Findley 70) support the fact that their family life was good and tolerable before. Ben was innocent and naïve. He didn't expect his father to change so drastically. He was only a child. His mother's efforts to keep the father's condition under control blinded Ben for some time. Besides the fact that Ben spent some years not truly aware, he did stay by his father's side until death. "I would have loved a stone" (Findley 81). The powerfulness of this statement proves that Ben was devoted to his father even though his siblings eventually lost hope. He lived a life of sadness and violence and to then have the courage to forgive and stand by his father through thick and thin. He loved this man. He laid his ashes at the beaches of Dieppe, the location that destroyed his father and
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